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Is Bad Breath a Sign of Something More Serious or Sinister?

We’ve all experienced it. Speaking with someone and their bad breath could destroy all flora and fauna in a 10 foot radius. Halitosis, or bad breath as it’s commonly called, may be due to poor dental hygiene or can actually be symptomatic...

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What is a Tooth Abscess and How is it Treated?

Did you awaken today with a toothache? Do you have severe and persistent throbbing pain radiating through your jaw and neck area? Are you running a low grade fever? If so, you may well have developed a tooth abscess. A tooth abscess is caused by...

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Dentist in Sedalia, MO Introduces “Comfort Dentistry” for All Dental Services

  Westwood Family Dental, a dentist in Sedalia, MO, announces the launch of “Comfort Dentistry” for all dental services. This program is designed to relieve fears, anxieties, and stresses related to going to the...

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